National Flower Arrangers

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Dear NFA Members,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Happy New Decade!

We are already nearly a month into the 2020’s! Will they be a ‘roaring’ ten years?

Hopefully they will be years of good health and happiness for everyone. We, all,

look forward to the challenges and opportunities of the times, and, as floral designers and lovers of flowers, we seek to create beauty whenever we can.

I hope you have seen NFA’s ad in The National Gardener, 2020 winter issue, page 27. It has all the information regarding our upcoming dinner and program in Milwaukee. PAULINE FLYNN, Master Flower Show Judge and Creative Designer from Michigan, will present “The Challenge of Creative Design", and surely entertain and challenge all in attendance to venture forward to be more creative. This is the time to make plans: Milwaukee in May! It’s not too early to send reservations! (*Please see the attached info. sheet.)


Angie Raitano